February 22, 2019
Selecting the Right Device Trade-In Model for Your Business
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To keep operations running smoothly, businesses must remain current with the latest technology. Unfortunately, upgrading to the newest device models and operating systems can often be a costly and stressful task to undertake. Utilizing a bulk trade-in solution is the easiest way to get rid of outdated devices while making some extra cash. When selecting the right device trade-in model for your business, it’s important to consider features such as transparent pricing, security, customer support, and an omni-channel experience.

Trade-In Flexibility is Key

Phobio is a device buyback solution featuring a bulk IMEI search that automatically identifies all device makes and models, making bulk trade-ins simple and fast. As an omni-channel solution, companies can upgrade to the latest technology without experiencing any added stress or disruption in the work day. Managers now have the opportunity to start their trade-ins online while they’re still at the office and then can conveniently drop off the devices to a store after work hours. Phobio can also generate a prepaid shipping label and provide tracking tools for managers who prefer to ship their devices.

An omnichannel experience is also ideal for organizations with employees who work remotely or travel frequently. If an employee’s phone or laptop becomes damaged while on the road, they can start their trade-in online, back up all important company documents, and then easily ship their device out to be processed. If the employee’s manager prefers to handle all of company’s trade-ins, the manager can begin the trade-in process online and then when the employee returns from his/her business trip, they can back up all business-critical data, and then drop off the device in person at a local store.

Transparent Price Offerings

Phobio offers an explicit grading system based on the condition of the pre-owned device. If an organization has accumulated a handful of older devices over the years that aren’t in the best condition, whether it be water damage, pixelated screens, or the device is unresponsive, we will categorize it as “damaged” and a value will be determined for the trade-in. If an organization wants to trade-in phones, laptops, and tablets that are fully-functional and in good condition, we will categorize them as “working” and a higher cash value will be determined.

We will always give our customers the opportunity to accept or decline the value we propose. If you decide to move forward with our trade-in solution, you can use your cash back for that much needed upgrade your organization deserves!

Phobio is Safe and Secure

To protect privacy and personal information, we always perform secure data erasure from every device we receive. If any media or data cannot be erased, we will recycle the device instead of reselling it. We also conduct frequent security audits and have dedicated security systems on site that monitor our facilities.

Seamless Integration with Business Objectives

Phobio seamlessly integrates with existing POS systems, online brand buy-flows, portal experiences, and operational partners. Currently, Phobio is deployed in over 4,500 retail locations and some of the largest global retailers’ direct-to consumer online and SMB trade-in programs. Best of all, our technology and partnerships help businesses to optimize profitability and scale – Phobio processes more than one million devices annually.

Work with Us

Overall, Phobio drives business results. Our platform is proven to raise NPS scores, increase trade-in volume, and improve trade-in attachment rates. Many of our customers have generated a 10x increase in volume due to our strategic marketing programs.

See why Phobio has earned the trust of business leaders, enterprises, mobile carriers, OEMs, and retailers for its flexible and hassle-free device buyback process. Request a demo here.