Simplify bulk device buyback to upgrade your device fleet.

Recapture significant value by trading in your organization’s used computers and mobile devices.

Bulk Device Buyback for Business

Whether you are responsible for a large company with multiple locations nationwide or a small local business, Phobio’s simple bulk buyback solution makes the trade-in process simple and secure to ensure optimal value for your used devices.

Get more value for your company’s used devices.

up to $650

up to $800

up to $1200

up to $175


Service Excellence

Our Customer Satisfaction ratings are among the highest in the industry.

Device & Data Security

We are certified and comply with the highest standards of environmental responsibility and data-security. certifications

Fast Process & Payment

More accurate and faster than competitors:

Device Inspection
3x faster

Trade Payment
16.67% faster

End-to-end experience
68% faster

More Value for More Devices

We provide competitive pricing on over 3,000 device models including PC Laptops, Macs, iMacs, Macbooks, Smartphones, iPhones, tablets, iPads,  Apple Watches and more.

The ultimate bulk buyback solution made seamless.

Request and Accept Your Quote

We offer competitive prices for used mobile devices.


Ship the Devices at No Cost to You

We provide everything you need for shipping.


Relax While We Inspect Your Devices

Your devices are securely erased and inspected.


Receive Direct Payment in Days

We pay your company via ACH or eCheck.


Expect more from your bulk device trade-in provider.

Any Device, Any Amount

Mac trade-ins, iPhone trade-ins, PC trade-ins, and more — when your business is ready to hand off your old tech, we’re ready to take it. Enjoy a buyback program that accepts all your company’s used devices, whether it’s 1 or 1,000.

Credible Quotes

Take advantage of competitive, transparent pricing that truly reflects your devices’ complete worth. With Phobio, you can trust that every quote is based on a thorough inspection and accurate market value assessment.

Simple Process and Terms

Our Buyback for Business program was designed to maximize the recaptured value of devices with minimal effort from business clients themselves. Let us handle the heavy lifting while you enjoy the profits.

Let multiple buyers bid on your company’s used devices through our auction platform.

Maximize the resale value of your used computers, phones, tablets and wearables through our auction platform for IT assets- Assembly.  Built for B2B professionals, Assembly gives buyers and sellers more power than ever with fully inspected devices of all types and use cases. Experience a seamless and secure transaction process that ensures you always get the best possible return on your investment.


All your device buyback frequently asked questions, answered.

What Is Bulk Device Buyback?

Phobio’s Buyback for Business service allows companies of all sizes to sell multiple used devices in one transaction. We’re proud to offer competitive pricing and a simplified process, making it easy for businesses to trade in outdated or surplus technology. Phobio handles logistics, data security, and environmental compliance, ensuring a secure and eco-friendly way to manage electronic device upgrades.

What Conditions Do You Accept Devices In?

Your old tech doesn’t need to be in perfect condition to receive a return on your investment. As long as it powers up, functions normally, and contains no counterfeit, third-party parts, or unauthorized modifications, it’s eligible for trade-in.

We accept phones, tablets, laptops, and device wearables in three conditions:

    • Full Value: No physical or functional irregularities
    • Reduced: One or more physical or functional irregularities
    • Recycle: Non-functional and unable to erase personal data

The condition of your devices will be considered in your buyback quote.


What Is Considered in the Device Inspection?

Phobio completes a 4-point inspection on all our trade-in devices to ensure you get every penny’s worth of their value.

During our inspection, we’ll take a look at your devices’ overall condition, considering factors including but not limited to:

    • Power-on capabilities
    • Functional capabilities
    • Charging capabilities
    • Damages to the display and/or housing

 Learn more about buyback inspections with Phobio and whether your devices meet our criteria.


How Long Is My Quote Valid For?

All device buyback quotes remain valid for 5 business days from the date they are issued.


How Quickly Can I Expect to Receive Payment?

Payment is dispersed within 5-7 business days of completing or accepting your trade-in. We offer payment via eCheck and ACH for your convenience.


Buyback just got better.

Since 2010, Phobio has been a trusted device buyback provider, offering 100% transparent, credible solutions for your business. See how you can revolutionize your trade-in experience with just a few clicks today.