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You want smart solutions and a better experience. We’ve got you. Phobio builds trade-in programs you and your customers will love. It’s a win-win.

Bulk Asset Conversion

Simplify bulk buyback with Phobio. As a corporation, it can be challenging to upgrade employees to the latest technology at scale. Our cutting-edge enterprise program makes the process quick and easy. This innovative solution features a bulk IMEI search that automatically identifies all device makes and models. If you have inventory that’s sitting on a shelf losing value, turn it into cash for your company!

Product Manufacturer Trade-In

With a growing number of professionals working at home and on-the-go, countless consumers are looking to upgrade to new devices. Attract them to your online or brick and mortar store with a Phobio trade-in program. Our simple OEM solution allows consumers to quickly and easily trade-up to the latest technology-and you can take all the credit! Delight your customers with the first-class, on-brand experience they’ve come to expect from you. It all comes together to elevate their experience and earn major points for your brand.

E-Commerce Trade-In

Want to offer online customers an easy-to-use, on-brand trade-in experience? You’ve come to the right place. Our smart e-commerce solution not only supports your current trade-in program, it also reduces program costs. Even better? It revolutionizes the way your online customers upgrade to the latest technology. Give online customers more convenient options for device drop-off, inspection, shipment, and credit without incurring any additional costs. Only Phobio offers these priceless perks.

Retail Trade-In

Elevate the in-store experience with Phobio. Our retail program allows your customers to easily upgrade to latest and greatest devices. We specialize in building simple, scalable, and reliable trade-in programs that your customers and your associates will love. These easy-to-use solutions not only add value for your brand-they also improve the trade-in experience, allowing you to build a loyal customer base and boost your bottom line.

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