Accelerate in-store sales through trade-in.

Countless consumers are looking to upgrade to new devices. Attract them to your retail store with a simple and reliable trade-in program.

Retail Trade-In

Want to elevate your customer’s in-store experience? We’ve got you covered. Our retail trade-in program revolutionalizes the way your customers upgrade to the latest technology. This cutting-edge solution transforms the in-store trade-in experience for both your associates and your customers. 

Delight Retail Customers with Simple & Smart Trade-Ins

Phobio’s easy-to-use IMEI search automatically identifies the user’s device make and model, making trade-ins as breeze. Deployed in more than 4,500 retail locations we offer unmatched reliability, employee incentive programs and marketing and training support. As the most transparent and trustworthy trade-in provider, Phobio specializes in building simple, scalable and smart solutions that customers love. Boost new device sales and keep customers coming back for more with this world-class retail trade-in program.

Drive Sales with Exclusive Features

Quick & Easy Process

Our easy-to-use IMEI search automatically identifies the user’s device make and model, making trade-ins a snap.

Rep Level Analytics & Reporting

Our cutting-edge reporting down the representative level drives employee accountability and offers 360-degree visibility.

Unmatched Reliability

Built for high-volume operations, Phobio scales during holidays, device launches and other peak times to meet all of your trade-in needs.

Superior Shipping & Tracking Tools

Customers receive convenient shipping materials and can easily keep track of devices with our user-friendly tools.

Promotional Support

We offer unparalleled promotional support, including all campaigns, events and sponshorships and digital collateral.

Chat Support

We offer live chat support seven days a week to improve the customer experience.

Transparent & Competitive Pricing

As the most transparent company in the industry, Phobio offers cost-effective solutions with no hidden fees.

5x Increased Attach Rate

The higher average percentage of sales with a trade-in boosts customer spending power.

$45 Additional Gross Profit

The average additional gross profit from each retail transaction with a trade-in.

100% Guarantee

Phobio offers retailers a 100% guaranteed payment plan.

Improve the In-Store Experience with Phobio

Want to amplify new device sales, stand out from the competition and build a loyal customer base? Go with Phobio.