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If your device is requoted after inspection, and you don’t like the value, we’ll ship it back to you free of charge!

But to avoid this, please see our Device Inspection Tips below!


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Why trade in?

Time: 0:54

Inspecting your device:

Smartphones & Tablets

Time: 1:23

Apple Watch

Time: 1:04


Time: 1:32

Erasing & Preparing your device:


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Time: 1:01

Apple Watch

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Time: 1:54

Packing your device:


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Apple Watch

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Shipping with your own box

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What happens next?

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The Inspection Process in a nutshell...


Step 1

Receive & Unpack

  • Photo-document any packages received in damaged condition
  • Open and confirm package contents
  • Scan in trade

Step 2

Device Power-Up

  • Confirm no battery swelling is detectible
  • Power-up device and verify its ability to hold a charge

Step 3


  • Re-erase data and reinstall OS
  • Confirm device model and Activation Locks disabled
  • Full component and system check

Step 4

Functional Tests

  • Check Camera for damage to the lens
  • Confirm functionality of buttons, keys and/or trackpads
  • Check condition of input ports

Step 5

Inspect Screen

  • Check screen for cracks or deep scratches
  • Inspect LCD for display damage (i.e. flicker, image burn-in, "dead pixels")
  • Look for areas where the protective coating is worn off 

Step 6

Inspect Body

  • 360-degree inspection of body/housing for dents, cracks, & deep scratches
  • Check device and liquid exposure indicators for evidence of water damage

Our inspection facilities practice the highest standards of data security, asset tracking and personal safety, and every device is tracked throughout the inspection process.

No magnification tools are used during inspection, and any physical damage found is recorded with notes and documenting photos.

If your device’s inspected value is lower than the amount quoted to you, then it is set aside and you will be immediately notified so you can determine how you want to proceed with the trade.  If you don't like the new value quoted to you, we'll ship your device back to you free of charge!

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