Redefining trade-in experiences since 2010.

Phobio builds trade-in programs for your favorite brands with an obsession for delighting customers.

Our Story

Founded in 2010, Phobio seeks to be the most transparent and trustworthy company in the trade-in industry. We are obsessed with simplifying the complicated and elevating the customer experience. CEO Stephen Wakeling started the company with a group of friends who wanted to create a more honest way for people and businesses to extend the usable life of mobile devices while offering a better customer experience.

With a culture of curiosity and a commitment to transparency, Phobio creates customer-friendly software and trade-in solutions that work.

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Phobio’s in-house customer support, partner success and engineering teams live and work from offices across the U.S.A.

Our Mission

Make it easy for everyone to trade-in and reuse products before they are recycled to make something new.

Phobio builds simple trade-in solutions that marry cutting-edge technology with thoughtful design and an obsession to deliver delightful customer experiences. Whether your business seeks to drive new devices sales, offer green-friendly services or attract more customers to your ecosystem, our trade-in programs can help your brand engage meaningfully with your customers and deliver more value.  

Our Values

Phobio is built upon five distinct values. These are the ideals that drive, empower and inspire us in our daily work:


We are better every day.

Our mantra to “Be Better” is not about beating competitors–it’s about doing things better today than we did yesterday. We have the courage to give and receive honest feedback, and to embrace both failure and success as opportunities to learn and improve.


We only do what matters.

We invest our time only where we can make an impact. In everything we do, knowing what impact we are trying to make and why it matters is how we avoid distractions and create real value for our customers, our company and our community.

Problem Solvers

We love solving problems.

Obstacles will always arise to challenge us, and we love challenges. When confronted with a problem, we focus on what can be accomplished today and how to prevent more in the future. As we grow and improve, we discover new challenges worthy of our creativity.


We earn trust.

Trust is the most important brand asset we manage, and we earn that trust by consistently acting in the best interests of our customers, our partners and our team. We actively pursue new opportunities to make these relationships better for all.


We’ve got your back.

We are committed to active collaboration based on mutual respect and trust in our shared goals. As a team, we openly discuss challenges and ideas, and when decisions are made, we are fully-committed to executing that vision and supporting each other’s success.


We’re always on the lookout for talented people who love solving problems and creating awesome experiences. At Phobio, you’ll have the opportunity to progress your career and expand your skills.

Corporate Responsibility

Founded on a bedrock of values that all people are created equal, Phobio is an inclusive workplace that provides opportunities for each individual regardless of gender or race. However, we believe we can do better and are committed to continually improving.