September 22, 2018
Phobio at Mobile World Congress Americas
turn disruption into opportunity with a trade-in program

Phobio recently attended Mobile World Congress Americas (MWCA), a three-day event that showcased the latest innovations in mobile technology, products and services. Industry leaders including Verizon Wireless, AT&T, HBO, Samsung, Sprint, and T-Mobile joined startups, investors, and corporations from all around the world to discuss the future of mobile and to exhibit the next generation of mobile technology. We enjoyed listening to keynote sessions focused on artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, and blockchain, but most of all, we were proud to exhibit our own solutions, SafeTrade and Rodio.

Our team showcased what we like to call “the future of trade-in” – a flexible, omni-channel trade-in platform for retailers that revolutionizes the way consumers and businesses upgrade to the latest technology. SafeTrade enables the buyback and recapture of smartphones, tablets, computers, accessories, or any other pre-owned technology in exchange for payment and/or recycling. Far more than a trade-in service, our platform elevates the trade-in experience from start to finish.

We also highlighted SafeTrade’s seamless integration with existing POS systems, online brand buy-flows, portal experiences, and operational partners. Though SafeTrade is already deployed in over 4,500 retail locations and some of the largest global retailers’ direct-to consumer online and SMB trade-in programs, we were excited to introduce our solution to hundreds of new retail and media companies as well as industry analysts.

In addition to SafeTrade, we showcased our AI-powered workforce communication platform, Rodio. Designed to solve complex internal communications and employee engagement challenges, Rodio keeps employees informed, automates tasks, and limits communication to work hours. The platform is designed to support your company’s structure, giving leadership access to the frontlines and frontline teams access to one another. Rodio also provides “Bulletins” which enable managers to easily send announcements, promos and other critical messages to select teams or to the entire organization.

With Rodio, even geographically-dispersed workforces can receive and acknowledge timely sales promotions, important corporate announcements, and details on new product launches directly from their smartphones. By providing the right information, to the right employees, at the right time, Rodio is radically changing how retailers conduct business.

We’d like to thank MWCA for hosting such an inspiring and informative event. If you stopped by our booth, we’d love to stay in touch!

If you weren’t able to attend this year’s MWCA, we’ve got you covered! Contact us today to learn more about our SafeTrade solution and Rodio platform.