The entire team at Phobio is excited to announce that Rodio is no longer a product of Phobio, but is now a standalone company Rodio Inc, pursuing its own destiny as software that connects workforces.


This is a testament to Rodio's great successes with its clients and strategic partnerships.


To learn more about Rodio, please visit:

Welcome to Rodio: Your hub for employee communications.

Discover an easy-to-use communications platform your teams will actually enjoy using. Designed for organizations with dispersed teams working variable hours, this simple tool delivers the right messages to the right teammates at the right time.

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Workforce communications simplified

For dispersed teams working varying hours, communications need to be nimble. We discovered a need for streamlined communications while working with retailers and staffing companies. That’s why we created Rodio: A hub that allows you to integrate all your communications in one place. This easy-to-use communications platform delivers prioritized, secure and trackable messages, information and surveys to the right teammates at the right time. It all comes together to align your people and reduce risk and liability.  

Designed for industries like staffing, retail, hospitality, healthcare and franchise brands, Rodio's simple platform allows organizations to:


Slash Inefficiencies
Slash Inefficiencies

Rodio serves as a hub where you can integrate all of your employee communications and resources in one place, which ultimately saves time, energy and money.

Recover Time and Revenue
Recover Time and Revenue

Rodio offers streamlined communications, which boosts employee productivity and results in better service for your end customers.

Reduce Liability Issues
Reduce Liability Issues

Because Rodio is tied to org charts with on and off-duty targeting, user privacy and readership measurement, this secure platform ensures compliance and reduces liability.

Elevate the Customer Experience
Elevate the Customer Experience

Our platform enables instant communication and direction to your frontline employees, ensuring the end customer’s needs are met in real time.

Increase Employee Retention & Engagement
Increase Employee Engagement

Thoughtfully designed and easy-to-use, Rodio is a simple platform your people will actually enjoy using. This tool has the ability to capture data insight, employee sentiment and engagement.

Serving Industries with Dispersed Teams

Our easy-to-use communications platform was created for industries like staffing, retail, hospitality, healthcare and franchise brands. All of these industries face a common problem:
They struggle to communicate with dispersed teams working variable hours.
These organizations need streamlined communications to rally and galvanize their employees. Rodio is the answer. Our platform serves as hub that allows you to integrate all your communications in one place.

Rodio solves unique communications challenges for the following industries:



Communicate with employees across multiple stores working varying shifts. You’ll see real customer impacts when your stores are working with optimal communications.


Stay in touch with physicians and nursing staff working various shifts across multiple locations. Rodio solves healthcare leadership issues and drives employee engagement, all while improving the patient experience.


When you have dispersed teams working different hours across various industries, it’s incredibly challenging to communicate with employees and quickly fill roles. Rodio delivers prioritized, secure and trackable messages to the right teammates at the right time.


Hotel teams work inconsistent 24/7 shifts across multiple time zones, making it difficult to stay connected with employees across the organization. Rodio can streamline even the most complex of communications—even when you’re dealing with various types of employees serving guests in real-time.


With franchise teams scattered across the country working inconsistent shifts, it’s challenging to keep employees informed about brand standards and other important issues. Rodio’s simple platform not only allows headquarters to streamline communications; it also helps franchisees run their business more smoothly.



Why Is Workforce Communication Critical?

For dispersed teams, streamlined communication has the power to drive employee engagement, reduce liability and improve the end customer experience.


of employees feel pressure to respond to work communication outside of work hours.

When non-exempt employees monitor, read and respond to company emails during off hours, they are engaged in compensable work. Tracking and paying for such time can create real headaches. This is why Rodio limits communications to working hours.


of millennials polled cited modern and up-to-date technology as one of the most important aspects of a workspace.

By 2020, millennials will make up almost half of the workforce, and these employees want to use the latest and greatest tech at work. Engage them with Rodio, an easy-to-use platform they’ll actually enjoy using.



Employees who are engaged and thriving are 59% less likely to look for a new job.

Employee turnover is phenomenally expensive for organizations. Rodio improves accountability and engagement so you don’t have to worry about replacing your best staff.


A hub tailored to fit your organization.

This simple platform is a hub where you can integrate all communications in one place. Rodio is built within your HR org charts to align with your company structure, ensuring only the correct, on-the-clock employees receive each real-time message. This gives leadership access to the frontlines and frontline teams access to each other.

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Rodio relieves your major pain points.

We know what keeps organizations like yours up at night: You need to combat lost time and revenue. That’s exactly why we developed Rodio. Our platform solves all the communication issues faced by companies with dispersed, client-facing team members working variable hours. 

Rodio helps your organization:

Slash Inefficiencies
Recover Time and Revenue
Reduce Liability Issues
Elevate the Customer Experience
Increase Employee Engagement

Rodio Core Features

  • Bulletins

    Send announcements and updates to the entire company or specific teams, and receive reports showing who has read them.

  • Group and Direct Chat 

    Team members can connect in small groups or chat one-on-one. Rodio masks each user's phone number for privacy.

  • In-App Calling

    Users can make direct calls to teammates through Rodio which anonymizes in-app calls ensuring personal numbers are not exposed.
    In-app Calls

  • Single Sign-On 

    Use your company’s own Single Sign On (SSO) URL to authenticate users and give access to integrated systems.
    Single Sign On

  • Scheduling 

    Rodio provides on and off-duty messaging controls to ensure employees only receive notifications when they’re on the clock.

  • Document Drawer

    Keep your team on the same page by sharing photos, videos, PDFs and other files to the Document Drawer.
    Document Drawer

  • Polls & Surveys 

    Managers and team leads can easily create surveys to gather real-time feedback and suggestions from your team.
    Surveys and Polls

  • Analytics & Reporting

    Keep tabs on employee productivity and communications with Rodio’s analytics and robust reporting.

  • Rodiobot

    The AI virtual assistant connects with various systems, providing users with instant access to schedules, HR management solutions, employee handbook resources and more.

  • On-the-Go Training

    Integrate your Learning Management System to ensure your frontline employees always have access to the latest training materials which they can complete directly through Rodio.

  • SOCII Compliance

    Designed for data security, confidentiality and privacy, Rodio is SOCII compliant.

  • Integrations

    Rodio's robust API allows for seamless integration of your enterprise systems into the Rodio platform, providing your employees with a mobile hub for greater productivity.

  • Easy Onboarding

    Easily manage employee access, invite new hires to Rodio and remove off-boarded staff. Rodiobot walks each new user through the sign-up process and Rodio features.
    Easy Onboarding

Ready to streamline communications, drive employee engagement and improve the customer experience?

Discover Rodio.  

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