Rodio delivers the right message to the right people at the right time.

Workforce communication that informs, engages and inspires your teams.

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Rodio Workforce Communication
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Workforce communications simplified

Rodio is an AI-powered workforce communication platform designed to solve complex internal communications and employee engagement challenges. It helps you keep employees informed and energized, automate tasks, decrease turnover, limit communication to work hours, and much more. Simply put, Rodio sets your team up for success.  

How critical is workforce communication?

It’s a vital component of transforming changing workplace habits into business opportunities.


of employees feel pressure to respond to work communication outside of work hours.

When non-exempt employees monitor, read and respond to company emails during off hours, those employees are engaged in compensable work. Tracking and paying for such time can create real headaches — that’s why Rodio limits communications to working hours.


of millennials polled cited modern and up-to-date technology as one of the most important aspects of a workspace.

By 2020, millennials will make up almost half of the workforce, and they care about using the latest technology at work. Impress them with Rodio, which functions similarly to texting or other chat applications.



Employees who are engaged and thriving are 59% less likely to look for a new job.

Employee turnover is incredibly expensive for retail teams. Rodio improves accountability and engagement so you don’t have to worry about losing and replacing your best staff.


Rodio is tailored to the shape of your organization

The platform is designed to support your company’s structure, giving leadership access to the frontlines and frontline teams access to one another.

Current Openings

Rodio Bulletin Example

Keep your team informed.

With Bulletins, you can send announcements, promos and other critical messages to select teams or the entire organization.

Example of Bulletin Tracking in the Rodio Platform

Keep your team engaged.

Track the Bulletins your teams are sending, see who has read or responded, and automatically re-notify those who haven’t without spamming those who have.

Group Chats and Messaging in Rodio

Keep your team connected.

Group chats and easy-to-start 1-on-1 conversations empower teams to take ownership and solve problems.

Notifications in the Rodio Platform

Keep work communications and notifications to working hours.

Control how and when hourly and contract employees are notified.

Example of Internal Messaging on iPhone

Create vibrant internal community.

Whether you work in the same office or across the country, Rodio makes asking questions and building connections easier.

Rodiobot AI

Increase efficiency with Rodiobot.

When our customers started using Rodio, we noticed that they were repeating the same tasks over and over again. In order to improve efficiency, we created a fully-integrated AI that sits on top of the Rodio platform. Rodiobot connects with disparate systems, providing users with instant access to information such as schedules, HR management solutions, internal intranets, CRM systems, employee handbook resources, and more.

  • Sales Software Lead Automation
    Automate sales leads.

    Rodiobot integrates with your sales software in order to deliver actionable leads in real-time.

  • Woman Looking through Binoculars
    Onboard new employees.

    Rodiobot welcomes new employees and makes sure they get access to all the right information.

  • Message Archiving
    Never miss a message.

    Rodiobot helps your employees catch up on important messages they might have missed while they were away.

Find out how Rodio can engage and inspire your team.  

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