April 15, 2020
Upgrading Technology for Remote Workers Through Device Trade-Ins
checking data using a trade-in device

Remote working has become the new normal for thousands of companies during the coronavirus pandemic. Mandatory stay-at-home policies have many employees working from home full-time for the first time. Since social distancing doesn’t seem to be going any anytime soon, businesses must ensure that employees have access to the most up-to-date technology and tools to get their jobs done.

Outdated laptops, desktop computers, and smartphones, for example, could prevent employees from working efficiently. Older operating systems, slow processors, poor battery life, and inadequate data storage can all affect productivity. To ensure that business processes continue to run smoothly in the midst of COVID-19 and beyond, it’s important to provide employees with newer, more reliable devices.

While budget constraints may have prevented companies from purchasing the latest technology in the past, device buyback solutions are making it easier than ever to buy new devices. Phobio is a device trade-in platform that can be implemented at scale for enterprises and seamlessly integrated into existing business portals.

To make bulk trade-ins simple and fast, device models are automatically identified through Phobio’s simple bulk IMEI search. Best of all, companies can conveniently process their trade-ins online and schedule a pick-up when they are ready. Phobio will generate a prepaid shipping label and provide tracking tools to keep managers in the loop.

For complete transparency, Phobio offers an explicit grading system to accurately determine the monetary value of a pre-owned device based on its condition. If a device is fully functional and in good condition, it will be categorized as “working” and a competitive monetary value will be provided. If a device is broken or unresponsive, it will be categorized as “damaged” and a lower monetary value will be provided.

As soon as trade-ins are received, the Phobio team performs secure data erasure from every device in order to protect confidential company information. If any media or data cannot be erased, we recycle the device instead of reselling it. We also conduct frequent security audits and have dedicated security systems on site that monitor our facilities.

Overall, organizations that are looking to improve business processes and productivity must start by upgrading to the latest technology. Phobio makes it easy for carriers and OEMs to support businesses that want to upgrade employees to the latest technology at scale.

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