March 19, 2020
The Future of Smartphones
secure mobile device lock screen future of trade-in

From foldable phones and wireless charging to facial recognition and 6G technology, the next generation of smartphones is impressive. Innovative mobile device designs such as dual screens and the replacement of buttons with 3D sensors are sure to drive consumer demand and boost the trade-in market. Here are some tech trends that consumers can’t wait to get their hands on:

Foldable Phones

The Samsung Galaxy Fold, released in September 2019, was one of the first foldable screen smartphones to hit the market. With a 20-part, dual-axis hinge, the Galaxy Fold can easily transform from a phone into a tablet and vice versa. Though the $1,980 price tag is steep, device trade-in solutions offer consumers the ability to lower the overall cost of ownership.

While foldable phones are all the rage right now, we may also start seeing “spinning” devices such as the Motorola Revolve. Motorola and Yanko Design just released an interesting concept of a capsule-shaped, spinning smartphone that has everyone talking.

Buttonless Phones

UltraSense Systems has been working with multiple smartphone manufacturers to bring its new 3D ultrasound sensor to the market. Although there have already been companies that tried (unsuccessfully) to replace traditional buttons, UltraSense promises to bring more precision and responsiveness to the table with its multifunction touch and gesture user interface.

Wireless Phones

Buttons aren’t the only features that may be phased out for good. Wireless charging and Bluetooth headphones are slowly but surely replacing smartphone ports in every make and model. The success of Apple AirPods confirms that consumers are ready to ditch wires and cables once and for all.

6G Phones

Move over 5G, the next big thing is sixth-generation wireless (6G). According to SearchNetworking, 6G networks will be able to use higher frequencies and provide lower latency than 5G networks. Amazingly, 6G Internet will be able to support one micro-second latency communications, representing 1,000 times faster than one millisecond throughput. Though the technology won’t launch commercially until 2030, the countless advantages of 6G are well worth the wait.

The Future of Device Trade-In

Our team is excited to see how these smartphone innovations will revive the retail industry and boost device trade-ins over the next decade. If your organization is looking for a versatile, secure, and trusted device buyback platform to incentivize consumers to purchase the latest and greatest technology on the market, contact us to learn more about the Phobio platform.