April 21, 2019
Phobio Releases New Eco-Friendly Packaging for Laptop Trade-Ins
green Earth recycling program

Since 1970, Earth Day has been an annual celebration of clean air, land, and water. In order to protect our planet, we must be aware of our ecological footprint and take action to conserve and preserve Earth’s natural resources and habitats. We can all do our part by reducing landfill waste, reusing packaging, and recycling electronics. Over time, going green will prevent pollution and sustain the environment for future generations.

Here at Phobio, we are committed to protecting our environment. Every year through our trade-in programs, we prevent over 500 metric tons of electronic waste from entering landfills. In support of Earth Day, and to create an eco-friendly trade-in process, we have designed new sustainable and reusable packaging that will be used to safely ship laptop trade-ins.

“Our customer support team is dialed in to feedback surrounding all aspects of our trade-in system,” said Chad Hester, Operations Manager of Phobio. “In reviewing the packaging, our team set out to engineer a better package that not only provided better protection of devices while they are being shipped, but also were reusable and aligned with the company’s environmentally-centric business goals.”

Phobio’s new packaging abides by the “Three R’s” of going green: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.


Our new packaging eliminates the need for the traditional foam inserts that were previously used to ship Mac Book, Mac Mini, and iPad Pro devices.


Phobio’s compression frame corrugated cardboard box packaging can be reused at least three times.


All the components of the packaging are 100 percent recyclable.

compression frame corrugated cardboard box Best of all, our new design provides better device protection throughout the shipping process.  The compression frame insert securely fastens a laptop or tablet in the box with enough strength and durability to withstand extreme force and rigorous movements while in transit.

“The compression frame packaging kit requires less materials and is very easy to use, yet it is extremely durable and does not compromise device protection during the shipping process,” said Brian Crawley, Phobio’s Operations Specialist. “Given the reusability factor, the packaging will reduce Phobio’s reliance on foam and other shipping materials that would otherwise find its way to a landfill. This is a win-win-win for our customers, company, and the planet.”

As Phobio processes thousands of laptop trade-ins each month, our new eco-friendly packaging will significantly reduce landfill waste and also provide a better trade-in customer experience by ensuring the integrity and safety of devices in-transit.

Our environmentally-friendly packaging will soon be available for shipping trade-ins of smartphones, watches, and large all-in-one computers such as iMacs. We look forward to developing many more innovative solutions that enhance the consumer experience, help the environment, and build a more sustainable future of retail.

If you’re a retailer looking to go green, contact us to learn more about Phobio.