December 3, 2018
Kronos Works Conference Recap
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The 2018 Kronos Works Conference gathered more than 3,000 technology experts and thought leaders together to discuss the future of workforce management, internal communications, employee engagement, and productivity in the workplace. Phobio was proud to be a part of the Kronos Partner Network and participated in various networking events, presentations, and panel discussions.

Stephen Wakeling, CEO and co-founder of Phobio, presented a session titled “The Scheduling, Messaging, and Engagement of the Millennial Workforce” that highlighted how millennials, the largest generation in the U.S. labor force, influence corporate culture and the technologies needed to conduct business. Wakeling highlighted how our mobile messaging platform, Rodio, is ideal for millennial-minded workforces as it features an AI-powered Rodiobot functionality to increase efficiency, assist workforces, answer questions, onboard new employees, and automate tasks.

Next, Wakeling participated in a panel discussion with executives from Kronos, MarketSource, Passport, and to discuss the importance of building an engaged and productive millennial workforce and how changing workplace habits can be transformed into business opportunities. Afterwards, the companies hosted a meet and greet to discuss the future of innovation with fellow industry visionaries.

Kronos Works Conference

Earlier this year, Kronos recognized a need to deliver a powerful workforce communication platform to its customers. As a result, Phobio joined the Kronos Workforce Dimensions Technology Partner Program to deliver Rodio to Kronos customers. The solution mimics an organization’s structure, providing leaders with access to the frontlines and the frontline employees access to their peers. Leaders can instantly deliver bulletins to a subset of employees or the entire base and Rodio’s powerful reporting tools provide immediate access to track the engagement rate of the bulletin. The partnership between Phobio and Kronos is another step towards building an engaged and productive millennial workforce.

Additionally, MarketSource selected Rodio as a technology partner to help its Representative Engagement Platform (REP) transform communications and empower teams across tens of thousands of retail locations. As part of the partnership, MarketSource now offers a collaboration system that allows workforces to deliver timely messages via Rodio software on iOS and Android devices. Rodio enables MarketSource to educate and notify sales representatives on sales promotions and corporate updates; significantly improving their ability to positively impact the customer experience while also driving operational efficiencies.

Interested in learning how Rodio can solve communication challenges within your organization, decrease turnover, promote collaboration, and set your team up for success? Contact us today!