September 5, 2019
How Device Trade-Ins with Phobio Protect Data Privacy
stay secure with the best device

In the modern workplace, nearly every employee connects to a corporate network and exchanges sensitive information via a mobile device. This significantly increases the risk of a data breach due to malware and/or phishing schemes. According to a 2019 Data Breach Report by IBM and the Ponemon Institute, the average cost of a corporate data breach is a whopping $3.92 million.

To mitigate the risk of a data breach, smartphones, computers, and laptops must be up to date with the latest operating system and advanced authentication. Many older devices don’t offer the built-in security needed to protect user information. Unfortunately, buying new devices for every employee is costly and not every company has the budget to do so.

If your company is looking to purchase newer technology without breaking the bank, consider using a device trade-in solution such as Phobio.

Simple Bulk Trade-Ins

Phobio features a bulk IMEI search that automatically identifies all device makes and models, making bulk trade-ins simple and fast. Phobio also gives managers the option to schedule a pick-up for their devices, generates a prepaid shipping label, and provides tracking tools for peace of mind.

Honest Device Evaluation

Phobio offers an explicit grading system to accurately determine the value of a pre-owned device based on its condition. For example, if the device is damaged or unresponsive it will be categorized as “damaged.” If the device is fully functional and in good condition, it will be categorized as “working.” Managers can either accept or decline the value we propose, commitment free.

Flexibility and Convenience

As an omni-channel trade-in solution, Phobio provides managers with the flexibility to start their trade-in online and finish it in-store, or vice versa. This is ideal for managers who need to back up important documents and company files before dropping off their devices in-store or shipping them out to be processed.

Privacy Protection

Here at Phobio, we know that mobile device security is business critical. To protect both corporate data and employee information, we perform secure data erasure from every device we receive. If any media or data cannot be erased, we’ll recycle the device instead of reselling it. We also conduct frequent security audits and have dedicated security systems on site that monitor our facilities.

Overall, Phobio is designed to be implemented at scale for business customers. Our technology and partnerships help businesses optimize profitability and scale. Currently, Phobio is deployed in over 4,500 retail locations and powers some of the largest global retailers’ direct-to consumer online and SMB trade-in programs.

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