October 22, 2019
Apple’s Commitment to Protecting the Environment
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Since 2015, Apple has reduced its carbon footprint by 35 percent. From utilizing facilities that run on renewable energy to building devices with 100 percent recycled tin, Apple has kept its promise to protect the planet and continues to find innovative ways to use eco-friendly materials.

Apple has successfully eliminated beryllium from the springs and connectors in its devices and switched to safer metal alloys. Additionally, the company removed PVC and phthalates from all power cords, headphones, and cables, and even designed the Apple Watch to limit a person’s exposure to nickel, a metal that frequently causes allergic reactions.

In its 2019 Environmental Responsibility Report, Apple revealed that the average energy consumed by its products has decreased by 70 percent since 2008. The 11-inch iPad Pro is 69 percent more efficient than the ENERGY STAR requirement, the MacBook Air with Retina display consumes three times less power in sleep mode than the first generation, and the iMac Pro now consumes 40 percent less energy in sleep mode and when turned off, thanks to a new power supply design.

We commend Apple for its commitment to preserving the environment and take pride in working with companies that care about the quality of the products they create as well as the wellbeing of their customers. Here at Phobio, we have made our own strides in protecting the planet and building a sustainable future of retail.

Earlier this year, we released reusable packaging for our customers to safely ship laptop trade-ins to our facilities. Supporting our commitment to going green, our new packaging eliminates the need for the traditional foam inserts that were previously used to ship Mac Book, Mac Mini, and iPad Pro devices. Our compression frame corrugated cardboard box packaging can be reused at least three times and all the components of the packaging are 100 percent recyclable.

Every year through our trade-in programs, we prevent over 500 metric tons of electronic waste from entering landfills. In addition to reducing landfill waste, our packaging also provides a better trade-in customer experience by ensuring the integrity and safety of devices in-transit. The compression frame insert securely fastens a laptop or tablet in the box with enough strength and durability to withstand extreme force and rigorous movements while in transit.

Our eco-friendly packaging will soon be available for other devices including smartphones, watches, and large computers such as iMacs. We’re excited to develop many more innovative solutions to enhance the consumer experience while helping the environment.

We hope you’ll join us on our journey towards going green! Contact us for more information.