Free-up the value trapped in used devices.



With Jamf + Phobio, it’s easy as 1-2-3.

Fuel device upgrades and company growth by unlocking the residual value of retired devices. Phobio’s Device Buyback for Business program maximizes your tech investment and pays it forward from procurement to retirement and recommence.  Our buyback program helps you provide a more complete lifecycle management solution for Macs, iPads, iPhones – as well as thousands of models of non-Apple desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Step 1: Export a list of computers and devices via Advanced Search in Jamf

1. Create an Advanced Inventory Search for Computers and/or Devices

Log into Jamf Pro, under Computers and/or Devices, select Search Inventory and click the “+ New” button to create an Advanced Search.

The next view has 4 tabs:  Search   Criteria   Display   Reports

2. Search tab

Save and name this Advanced Search for future use or reference.

Then move on to the next tab…

3. Criteria tab

Here is where we set the rules to define which devices should be included in Search Report.
For example, you can use attributes like model, management status, location, ownership or any other inventory criteria.

To add a criterion, click on the “+ Add” button and select the attribute, operator, and value for the rule.

The most common criteria (i.e. “Model”) are listed by default, so to select specific parameters such as device age by purchase date (i.e. “PO Date”), ownership, Activation Lock, Carrier Network, lease status, etc. you may need to select “Show Advanced Criteria.”

In this example, we’ll look for devices that were purchased over 600 days ago, so the rule would be

  • criteria: PO Date
  • operator: more than x days ago
  • value: 600

You can add multiple criteria to narrow down the group using “All” or “Any” logic to determine whether all or any of the criteria must be met for a device to be included in the results. 

More information on setting criteria for Advanced Searches and Smart Lists is available here:

4. Display tab

Now select the fields to display in the CSV export for each device so Phobio can assess its value. These should include at-minimum:

Under Device or Hardware:

  • Capacity MB
  • Model
  • Model Number
  • Serial Number

For mobile devices, under Network:

  • Current Carrier Network
  • IMEI

You may of course add any other fields which you feel may be useful for reference or for quoting device values.

5. Reports tab

Download Report as CSV file.

Save this Advanced Search to reuse, edit and/or duplicate in the Search Inventory section.

Step 2: Submit your list of devices for a guaranteed buyback quote

Submit your computer and device lists to Phobio’s Buyback for Business Program so our team can provide you  buyback quote within 3 business days that’s guaranteed for 30 days.  Go to and upload your CSV file or email it directly to

Step 3: Accept your quote and let Phobio handle the logistics:

Service Excellence

Our Customer Satisfaction ratings are among the highest in the industry.

Device & Data Security

Ensure unused or outdated IT assets are securely retired protecting both company and user data.

Shipping & Logistics

Packing materials and shipping can be facilitated in bulk at an office location or sent to multiple addresses to service remote workforces.

Guaranteed Value

Phobio offers competitive and guaranteed pricing on over 3,000 device models of laptops, tablets, smartphones and more in both working and damaged conditions.

We’ve been creating better buyback experiences from pickup to payout since 2010.

Buyback as a feature of Lifecycle Management


The typical IT budget for US companies is about 5% of revenue, yet company-liable devices lose an average of 35% of their residual value each year. Most companies do not realize the true value of their outgoing IT assets until they are retired at cost for recycling.

Phobio’s device buyback for business services support regular replacement cycles of IT equipment such as laptops, tablets, smartphones:

      • maximizing the residual value to reinvest in upgrade purchases
      • reducing the aggregate cost of repairs and warranty services
      • minimizing the resources required by IT Departments to collect, erase, and ship retired assets

The average company with 1,200 employees will retire and replace approximately 6,000 devices every 3 years. 

Based on the past 5 years data on Device Buyback Services, we’ve found this can amount to:

$1.32MM in Recaptured Value from device buyback to be reinvested.

1.2M in Carbon Credits  (1 carbon credit reduced GHG emissions = 1 ton CO2e)