May 5, 2021
The Best Tech Gifts for Moms
Best Tech Gifts for Mom

With a forecast that over 25 billion connected devices will be in use by the end of 2021, reliance on tech is not slowing down anytime soon. Chances are good that your mom is already using a smart device. If she isn’t, it’s only a matter of time. This Mother’s Day, consider treating her with the best modern tech has to offer.

Thankfully there’s a gift out there for every mom – smartphones that can keep up with busy schedules, fitness trackers that turn into touchless payment devices and even sleeping masks with built-in music streaming for much-needed selfcare days. Here are the best tech gifts to consider for Mother’s Day.

The Temperature Control Smart Mug

Drink tech has moved beyond just keeping a cup of coffee hot. The Ember Mug2, for example, keeps drinks at a customizable preferred drinking temperature. It has a built-in battery that maintains a personalized temperature for up to 80 minutes, or all day if it’s used with the charging coaster, which means less waste and more cups of joe at the right temperature to keep mom on the go.

The Advanced Fitness Tracker

The pedometer, a device that tracks steps, isn’t exactly new tech, but the concept has made incredible leaps and bounds since its debut. For consumers, that means incredibly innovative new features, like the ones the Fitbit Charge 4, has: a built-in GPS for pace and distance, but also the ability to make touch free in-store purchases from the device, no phone, or wallet necessary (a perfect way to go shopping in the new socially distanced reality). It also tracks Oxygen Saturation to indicate changes in wellness, and allows playlist streaming from Spotify, too.

The Simple Yet Sophisticated Security Camera

Having a security camera is a must these days, but using one doesn’t have to be complicated, nor does it have to cramp mom’s style. Cameras like the Circle View from Logitech have full HD, 180° diagonal field-of-view glass optics, as well as enhanced night vision which is optimized for visibility in the dark up to 15 feet away. The best part? The camera’s sleek design means it fits right into any modern space without standing out.

The Key Finder

Everyone loses their keys, but moms probably need to find them quicker than most. Digital key finders like Orbit can come to the rescue and ease frustration using Bluetooth technology to locate keys quickly. Using an app, they trace keys to their last known GPS location, and also work with digital assistants like Alexa. They sometimes come with features like a selfie remote, and phone-finding capabilities too.

The Bluetooth Sleep Mask 

Sometimes shutting the world out is the ultimate self-care move for moms, and the MUSICOZY sleep headphone system is one comfortable way to go solo. Featuring Bluetooth technology, the sleep mask pairs with any Bluetooth-enabled smartphone or tablet device, helping users fall asleep with soothing music and helping to alleviate stress. Made with memory foam and a silk lining, it only requires an hour or two of charging and won’t wake you up with an alarm should you fall asleep when the battery runs out. It can also be used to block out noise like traffic or a snoring partner.

Give mom the gift she deserves, and get in touch if you want to learn more about our simple upgrade solutions — Let’s talk!