May 27, 2021
The 5G Future: What Life With New Tech Could Look Like

The buzz around 5G has been growing for years, and with good reason – fifth generation technology is the future of mobile communication and beyond.

The successor to 4G, 5G is a new kind of network that has more connectivity and higher speeds than any previous network. Unlike traditional cell towers, 5G uses small cell technology that can be attached to street lights or the side of a building, making the network easy to install. 

It’s fast, reliable, and has ultra low latency, which means that it can process high amounts of volume with very little delay, revolutionizing the user experience in innovative ways. 5G’s improved efficiency signals a new era of digital transformation, giving us the ability to connect to more devices across many industries. 

With 5G accounting for as many as 1.2 billion connections by 2025 according to the GSM Association, this disruptive new network is guaranteed to change the human relationship to technology in unforeseen ways from mobile apps, to cars, and even advances in healthcare. Here’s what life with 5G could look like in the near future.

High Performance Mobile Apps

5G networks will make it easier for app developers to offer users high quality experiences when it comes to video streaming, allowing access to Ultra HD videos for enhanced viewing. 5G’s high speed and low latency abilities also opens the door for mobile game apps that require large amounts of data to run over cellular networks instead of WiFi. Users will be able to have AR or augmented reality experiences via smartphones from anywhere, and given the popularity of AR games like Pokemon Go, it’s a market that is bound to increase with the addition of 5G.

Safer Cars & Efficient Transportation Systems

5G-equipped vehicles will improve “vehicle-to-everything” or V2X communication, reducing collisions and increasing traffic efficiency in transportation systems, which in turn can have a positive impact on pollution caused by emissions. According to analysts, the 5G-backed communication could be used by individual vehicles to broadcast their positions as well as speed. This information, when combined with the same from other cars on the road could be used to build a real-time map, alerting drivers of potential dangers.

Reliable Healthcare

The COVID-19 pandemic did its part to accelerate the telemedicine industry, and 5G is set to take it even further. In addition to expanding telemedicine in rural areas where access to healthcare is limited or far away, 5G’s speedy abilities will allow quick transmission of large image files from PET and MRI scanners. It will also aid doctors and nurses in remote monitoring of patients who use wearable technology (like Fitbits), sending that information to them in real-time and increasing preventative care. 5G’s effect on virtual reality means that it can be used to create calming environments for patients during procedures, reducing anxiety and pain. 

As 5G becomes a reality, consumers will be looking to upgrade their devices to take advantage of its revolutionary features. Ready to offer customers the opportunity to upgrade to a 5G device? Contact us today!