June 23, 2021
The Best Tech For Pets (And Their Owners)
smart pet device

From smartphones to digital assistants to food delivery robots and more, tech innovations continue to evolve, helping us to be smarter and more efficient. One category of tech that is growing rapidly has to do with an unexpected beneficiary:  the family pet!  In fact, there is a new category of consumer goods dedicated just to the dogs and cats in our lives: the smart pet device. Here are the best pieces of tech to pamper your pet with.

The GPS Device

The Covid-19 pandemic increased pet ownership as many people  hunkered down at home with more time and attention to devote to new sidekicks who offered respite from isolation.  Unfortunately, the rate of pet thefts have gone up, too. 

Enter the Whistle Go, a location tracking device that lets you know where your pet is at all times, while also keeping you aware of their health and fitness activity. The Whistle Go tracks your pet’s moves every 15 seconds, alerting you if your dog escapes and pinpointing their location anywhere in North America. With a simple collar attachment which connects to an app on your smartphone, you’ll also get info on elevated scratching levels (which could indicate allergies), excessive licking, and more.

The Smart Feeder

A digital feeder like PetNet is one smart pet device that’s helpful for pet owners in a time crunch. PetNet, a WiFi-enabled automatic pet feeder that customizes portion size, alerts you when your pet has been fed or when you need to buy more food. With a built-in rechargeable battery and a chew-resistant USB cable, it also tracks calorie intake and can be paired with digital assistants to feed your pet, as well as in-home cameras that will send you a snapshot of your pet eating while you’re away.

The Treat Tosser

As we ease back into spending more time outside our homes, the transition may be hard on our pets, who got more hours with us than they ever bargained for. That’s where a digital treat tosser, like the Furbo Dog Camera, comes in. Use it to toss a treat to your dogs via a free app and keep them entertained while you’re away. A barking sensor sends push notifications to your phone when your dog is barking so you can tune in and calm them down via an HD camera, which allows you to livestream video on your phone. 

The Self Cleaning Litter Box

Calling all cat lovers who hate cleaning the litter box: this innovation is bound to cheer you up when you find out that you’ll never have to scoop cat litter again. The Litter Robot is a WiFi-enabled self-cleaning litter box for cats that gives you the best your cat has to offer, while leaving the worst to tech. The Litter Robot has a patented sifting process that automatically separates waste in the litter box, dumping the clumps into an easily disposable waste drawer. It also helps reduce litter box odor and lets you remotely monitor litter box usage for insights into your cat’s health.

We hope you take some time to pamper your furry friends and if you want to learn more about our simple upgrade solutions — Let’s talk!