July 30, 2022
Phobio achieves R2V3 Certification

Phobio is proud to announce achievement of the electronics and recycling industry’s newest certification standard: R2 Version 3 (R2V3).

The Sustainable Electronics Recycling Internal (SERI) R2V3 certification standard raises the bar for handling used electronics to combat e-waste and ensure data security. The R2 standard is widely considered by businesses and organizations throughout the world as the most adopted, highest-quality standard for responsible receiving and processing devices for reuse and recycling.

Phobio’s CEO Stephen Wakeling announced “We are thrilled to have achieved this certification which aligns with our values of protecting both customer data and promoting environmental sustainability via the circular economy.”

This new certification ensures clients and customers that Phobio meets the highest requirements for data sanitization and destruction while also protecting environmental interests.

Phobio’s Operations Program Manager Chad Hester was a lead in the pursuit of the new certification and stated “It’s extremely important to us that we continually meet or exceed the stringent requirements of R2 Certification as it continues to set the standard for reuse, repurposing, and recycling throughout the world”.