June 15, 2021
How to Know When To Trade in Your Laptop
trade in laptop

Laptop sales have eclipsed desktop computer sales consistently for the last decade. The average lifespan is between 3 and 5 years, but the longevity depends on many factors, including the brand and how it is equipped, how much use it gets and perhaps most importantly, how well it is protected and maintained.

Here are some signs that could mean it is time to trade in a laptop and upgrade to a new one:

You Can’t Multitask

If your laptop is having trouble running multiple applications or programs at once, or switching between tabs on your web browser is a consistent exercise in patience, it’s a tell tale sign that it might need to be replaced soon. When laptops don’t have enough Random Access Memory, or RAM, they can’t handle tasks simultaneously. This in turn slows both the computer, and you down. An upgrade will make sure you don’t have to choose between listening to your favorite music or answering email.

It Won’t Chill Out

Laptops are meant to be quiet and keep their cool – literally — so once you notice your device overheating or getting noisy, an upgrade could be in order. Computers use fans to maintain a normal working temperature, a component in laptops that is important given the amount of hardware installed in such a small space. If ventilation on your laptop isn’t working properly or becomes blocked thanks to dust buildup over the years, it will start to overheat and could lead to permanent damage.

Fixing It Costs More Than Replacing It

We’ve all been there: your laptop has a problem, so you take it in for repairs, only to find that it’s going to cost less to replace altogether than it is to fix it. In this case, trading in your computer might be a better option to gain credit for a future purchase, and to become part of the circular economy by recycling your device for a greener planet.

When it’s time to upgrade to a new laptop, trade-ins are an affordable and eco friendly option for budget-conscious consumers. If you want to offer customers an easy-to-use trade-in experience, we can help. Contact us today!