August 22, 2019
How to Boost Mobile Retail Sales and Disrupt the Status Quo
multiple device ready for trade-in

Retail isn’t dead, it simply needs to adapt. Keeping up with the latest retail trends is the key to building lasting relationships with the next generation of consumers including Millennials and Gen Z. At the same time, retailers must continue to deliver exceptional customer service and traditional product offerings to established customers such as Gen X and Baby Boomers. Implementing a device trade-in solution that connects the physical and digital worlds of retail can give companies an edge against competitors and keep customers off all ages satisfied.

An omni-channel trade-in solution is proven to boost retail sales in-store and online. As device trade-ins put money back into consumers’ pockets, they are equipped with more spending power and often purchase additional products and accessories during their shopping trip. This gives sales teams a unique opportunity to push new product promotions, provide more customer support, and ultimately, exceed sales quotas.

More than 4,500 retail locations currently use Phobio to increase revenue and disrupt the status quo. Phobio enables the buyback of smartphones, tablets, computers, wearables, or any other pre-owned technology in exchange for payment and/or recycling. As an omni-channel platform, Phobio ensures a seamless trade-in process online or in-store. This versatility is business-critical – our data has shown that customers are more likely to start their trade-in through one channel and finish it through another. On average, Phobio processes more than one million devices per year.

To provide a simple experience and keep business operations running smoothly, Phobio easily integrates with existing POS systems, online brand buy-flows, portal experiences, and operational partners. Best of all, Phobio enables retailers to turn device trade-in data into actionable insights by providing industry-leading reporting and analytics tools. This helps sales teams stay up-to-date on current and historical average trade-in values and retail trends.

Phobio also features device processing, resell, and experience management services as well as courier, tracking, inspection, recycling, and CRM services. This enables wireless retailers to deliver better customer service, raise NPS scores, and increase trade-in volume. Many of Phobio’s partners have generated a 10x increase in volume due to our strategic marketing programs.

If you’re looking to take control of disruption within the retail industry, Phobio can help you achieve tangible results by elevating the customer experience and driving growth.
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