September 29, 2020
How Much Are Your Old Devices Worth?
Pile of different modern electronics gadgets on old wooden background

During its September 15th event, Apple announced an array of new products, including some exciting devices. The new products include: 

  • Apple Watch Series 6
  • Eighth-generation iPad
  • New iPad Air

Ready to Trade-Up? Know Your Device’s Worth!

If you’re thinking about purchasing a new device, you should consider trading in your old one  to lower the overall price. The credit you receive will depend on a number of factors, including the model and its cosmetic and functional condition. Here at Phobio, we specialize in offering easy and transparent trade-in programs.  Here is our estimate of the current trade-in value of devices you may own:  

  • iPad: Up to $205
  • iPad Air: Up to$250
  • iPad Mini: Up to $180
  • Apple Watch Series 3: Up to $100
  • Apple Watch Series 4: Up to $155
  • Apple Watch Series 5: Up to $240

Trade-ins provide an affordable and green-friendly option for consumers who want to upgrade to a new device. To find out exactly how much an older device is worth and start the trade-in process, visit Apple or any Phobio partner.