November 11, 2022
How IT Managers Can Maximize Their Budgets

As an IT manager, you are always looking for ways to do more with less. One way to stretch your budget is to trade in old devices and reinvest the residual value towards new equipment. Your company’s device fleet loses an average of 40% of its residual value each year, and depending on manufacturer and model, many devices depreciate in value at a greater rate.


Ensuring your company’s data security is of paramount concern followed only by guaranteeing the responsible disposition of retired equipment. Thus for any prospective vendor of bulk buyback services, it is crucial to review their facility and processing certifications and verify that it aligns with the standards you require.


Timing is everything when it comes to selling used devices. Generally speaking, you will get more money for your devices if you sell them when demand is high and supply is low. For example, demand for Apple products tends to be higher in the fall when new models are released. Conversely, demand for Android products is typically higher in the spring because that is when most new models are released. Keep an eye on the market and sell your devices when they are in high demand.


Review the inspection and shipping requirements of your vendor. As Remote Workforces continue to grow in adoption and practice, both network security and support logistics are made more complicated for IT Managers. Competitive IT Asset Disposition companies can service multiple locations to address the needs of companies with multiple office locations and remote workforces.

Following these tips, you can maximize your budget by trading in old devices and reinvesting the residual value towards new equipment. So if you’re looking to stretch your budget, consider trading in your retired devices today and learn more about our industry-leading Device Trade In for Business service.