June 11, 2019
FieldCentric Provides Better Quality Services for Home Healthcare Workers
healthcare professional using a mobile device

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the number of people over 65 will double in the next decade. Unfortunately, as baby boomers age, they are more susceptible to developing illnesses and chronic diseases that require continuous care. As this generation becomes less ambulatory, healthcare services are needed more frequently and the demand for healthcare workers who can provide treatment in a patient’s home increases.

While home healthcare workers strive to provide high-quality services at all times, they are often inundated with administrative tasks and compliance requirements that are difficult to meet with outdated methods such as traditional paper forms. To ensure precious time is no longer taken away from critical caregiving duties, new field service technologies are emerging to empower medical service providers to meet these demands more effectively.

FieldCentric is a new workforce management platform specifically designed to solve common home healthcare challenges. As a secure, mobile platform that optimizes the delivery of home health services and simplifies workflows, FieldCentric streamlines individualized care and gives each caregiver more time to spend with their patients. Utilizing smartphones, FieldCentric provides all of the tools home care service providers need to manage their schedules and collaborate with colleagues. The platform significantly saves caregivers valuable time that is often spent on managing schedules, traveling non-optimal routes, and switching between multiple tools to perform quality services. At the same time, it supports compliance and reporting without requiring time-consuming, inefficient paperwork.

This revolutionary platform was developed by a coalition of software partners on the Kronos Workforce Dimensions Technology Partner Network that integrated unique aspects of their own standalone products into a single, cohesive experience. By integrating with each service providers’ electronic healthcare record systems, FieldCentric leverages innovative features of industry-leading software to provide a unified mobile experience:

  • Rodio provides the mobile workforce communications and team engagement platform.
  • Passport powers responsive scheduling and optimized route management.
  • Form.com ensures secure, HIPAA-compliant point-of-care documentation, and dynamic procedure management.
  • Kronos Workforce Dimensions enables personnel timekeeping, scheduling, self-management, compensation and payroll.

The entire Rodio team from Phobio is proud to be a part of FieldCentric’s mission to improve the quality of healthcare in field services. The first step is to ensure that the right information gets to the right people at the right time. To do this, Rodio streamlines top-down and interdisciplinary team communications through secure messaging, surveys, file-sharing, chats, and in-app calling. Additionally, field management and routing capabilities provide optimal appointment scheduling with real-time corrections – giving caregivers more time to provide quality, individualized care to their patients.

Interested in learning more about FieldCentric? Read the official press announcement hereand visit the FieldCentric website here.