March 1, 2019
Device Trade-Ins are Not Limited to Smartphones
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Every year, consumers anticipate the release of newer smartphone models from Apple, Samsung, LG, and Google, to name a few. To combat costs upwards of $1,000 for a new smartphone, consumers have been turning to trade-in solutions more than ever before. Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Fold, for example, may be the next big thing, but with a starting price of $1,980, it is far too expensive for most consumers to get their hands on. However, by trading-in an older device, consumers can receive cash to reduce the overall cost.

Over the past ten years, the device buyback process has become the most cost-effective way to upgrade to the latest technology. Yet, many people forget that trade-ins are not only limited to smartphones. Laptops, smartwatches, tablets, and even accessories can all be traded-in for cash or credit towards a new device. This gives consumers the opportunity to get rid of their slow, outdated iPad, Chromebook, or Fitbit in exchange for newer models with bigger screens, better battery life, more memory storage, and faster operating systems.

Far more than a traditional trade-in service, our platform gives customers the ability to elevate the trade-in experience end-to-end. Phobio enables the buyback and recapture of smartphones, tablets, computers, accessories, or any other pre-owned technology in exchange for payment and/or recycling. Our data has shown that one of the highest wearable trade-in devices last year was the Apple Watch Series 3 (which was only one year old at the time) as consumers upgraded to the Apple Watch Series 4.

By using an explicit grading system based on the condition of a device, Phobio offers the most transparent device pricing in the industry and puts more money back into consumers’ wallets. Whether it’s a smartphone, computer, tablet, or wearable, the device will be categorized as either “working” or “damaged” and a cash value will be determined. Currently, the average trade-in value for a working Apple device is $152 with Phobio while the average trade-in value for a damaged Apple device is $79.

As an omni-channel platform, Phobio ensures a seamless trade-in process online or in-store. With this flexibility, consumers can start their transaction at a local retail store, then go home to back up their photos, videos, and music, and finish their trade-in process online. Then, they have the option to schedule a pick-up for their old phone or to bring it back to the physical store location.

To protect the privacy and personal information of Phobio’s customers, we always perform secure data erasure from every device we receive. If any media or data cannot be erased, we will recycle the device instead of reselling it.

Phobio is the most versatile device buyback platform in the industry today and we take pride in providing the best user experience. Interested in learning more about Phobio? Contact us here.