March 18, 2021
A Behind-The-Scenes Look at Phobio’s Trade-in Facility

Ever wonder what happens behind the scenes at Phobio? We’re giving you an exclusive look of the process at our trade-in facility with our CEO Stephen Wakeling in this video.

At Phobio, we want to make sure you have a great experience when you trade-in your devices to give them a second life.

That’s why we keep it simple.

When your device gets to us, it’s brought over to the receiving team where boxes are checked for any potential damage. If no damage is detected, we’ll proceed and scan your device into our system. Both the device and any accessories it has gets labeled and verified. Our easy to use system automatically identifies your device, including make and model, which makes trade-in easy. Using third-party software, every device also goes through data-erasure just before the inspection process. That’s where we use a simple grading criteria to determine if the device is working or damaged.

Check out the rest of the tour of Phobio’s facilities and see what really happens when your device gets traded in.

Have questions? We love solving problems and offer customer support seven days a week in case you need help with your trade-in.