November 19, 2020
5 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Phone
multi-color bulk mobile device trade-in

In today’s digital world, our smartphone is the lifeline that keeps us connected to co-workers, clients, relatives and friends. When your device starts acting glitchy, it can be incredibly frustrating. Worse yet, when your smartphone suddenly dies, it feels like you’ve been cut off from the world. 

Fortunately, there are a few tell-tale signs it’s time to replace your phone well before you encounter that dreaded black screen. Here are five clues it’s time to ditch your old phone and trade up to a new one: 

#1: It can’t hold a charge.

If you find yourself hunting for a charger every few hours, it’s time for a new phone. Smartphone batteries have a limited lifespan and only so many charges in them before they start to decline. When you can’t make it through the day on a single charge, your battery is on the way out. Unless your phone has a replaceable battery, you’ll need to start shopping for replacement. After all, what use is a mobile phone if you’re constantly tethered to an outlet? 

#2: No one can hear you. 

“Can you hear me now? How about now?” If you’re constantly shouting these phrases even when you have four bars, it probably has nothing to do with your connection. More than likely, your microphone is dying. When this happens, callers will constantly complain that they can’t understand you or that your voice is cutting in and out. 

#3: You can’t upgrade to the latest operating system. 

Obviously, it’s not necessary to run out and buy a new phone the instant your provider offers an updated operating system. However, if your current operating system seems outdated and you can’t upgrade to the newest one, your device’s days are numbered. Eventually, a new operating system will come out and your outdated phone will no longer be compatible. This means your favorite apps may stop working and the quality of your service could plummet. 

#4: Apps are constantly crashing. 

If your phone freezes every time you try to request a car ride, check the weather or upload photos to social media, it may not be the app’s fault. It could be your smartphone. When you notice that apps crash constantly on your phone but not on your friends’ or co-workers’ devices, that’s a warning sign. More than likely, your phone is outdated and doesn’t have enough RAM (Random Access Memory) to properly run your favorite apps. 

#5: Your photos are downright embarrassing. 

Since the vast majority of us have replaced our personal cameras with smartphones, we expect our devices to snap crisp, clear, colorful photos. When your pictures suddenly start to look grainy, blurry or vintage (but not on purpose), it’s probably time for an upgrade. Smartphone cameras seem to improve by leaps and bounds year after year. So, if you have an older device, you’ll definitely notice that your snapshots look terrible as compared to the photos of your friend with the latest and greatest smartphone. If good photos are important to you, you may want to invest in a new phone. 

When it’s time to upgrade to a new smartphone, trade-ins are an affordable and green-friendly option for budget-conscious consumers. If you want to offer customers an easy-to-use trade-in experience, we can help. Contact us today!