We’ve been simplifying device trade-in for businesses since 2010.


 Enhance Mobile Device Management services via trade-in.

An effective MDM platform helps IT departments manage their company’s devices, keeping them secure while keeping the workforce flexible and productive. Most MDMs include features such as:
Device tracking

Track, monitor, update, troubleshoot and erase devices remotely.

Mobile management

Ensure each device has the required applications installed.

Application security

User authentication requirements to application and file access.

Identity access management

Control user access via authentication, role-based access, etc.

Endpoint security

Regulation of all devices that access a corporate network

Adding Device Lifecycle Management to this suite of services creates a complete solution for client businesses to maximize their technology investments in laptops, tablets, and smartphones from procurement to retirement.

Service Excellence

Our satisfaction ratings are among the highest in the industry.

Device & Data Security

Ensure unused or outdated IT assets are securely retired protecting both company and user data.

Shipping & Logistics

Packing materials and shipping can be facilitated in bulk at an office location or sent to multiple addresses to service remote workforces.

Extract More Value

Phobio offers competitive pricing on over 3,000 device models of laptops, tablets, smartphones and more in both working and damaged conditions.

Since 2010, Phobio’s robust trade-in software and services have powered the world’s best-in-class device trade-in/buyback programs in retail, ecommerce and bulk business services.


Non-Integrated Solutions (Phobio Hosted) can be rapidly deployed, enabling IT Managers or MDM client company employees to trigger device buyback through a branded portal, with payable trade values going directly to the MDM client company via ACH or eCheck.

Integrated Solutions enable real-time device trade value data and trade management directly through the MDM software via Phobio’s robust platform API.

For example:


    1. Via the MDM, an IT Manager views the current trade value of an employee’s unused device and triggers asset retirement.
    2. Phobio receives the request and sends shipping materials to the company employee.
    3. The employee packs and ships their retired device to Phobio processing.
    4. The IT Manager is alerted that the device has been received, and remotely disables MDM & Find My iPhone device protections.
    5. After device inspection, payment for the trade value is triggered.
Other benefits of integration include features such as:

      • Proactive alerts based on estimated device upcycle timeframes
      • Client reporting on IT budget reinvested and Environmental Impacts
      • Real time trade status updates delivered via API
      • Seamless MDM client experience

Phobio processes the devices.
Devices are securely retired.
The client company is paid directly.

There is no cost to the user, the client company or the MDM to complete the loop of Lifecycle Management powered by Phobio.

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