Device Inspection for Retail Trade-in

Time: 3:08

Device Inspection at the Receiving Facility

Step 1

Receive & Unpack

  • Photo-document any packages received in damaged condition
  • Open and confirm package contents
  • Scan in trade

Step 2

Device Power-Up

  • Confirm no battery swelling is detectible
  • Power-up device and verify its ability to hold a charge

Step 3


  • Re-erase data and reinstall OS
  • Confirm device model and Activation Locks disabled
  • Full component and system check

Step 4

Functional Tests

  • Check Camera for damage to the lens
  • Confirm functionality of buttons, keys and/or trackpads
  • Check condition of input ports

Step 5

Inspect Screen

  • Check screen for cracks or deep scratches
  • Inspect LCD for display damage (i.e. flicker, image burn-in, "dead pixels")
  • Look for areas where the protective coating is worn off 

Step 6

Inspect Body

  • 360-degree inspection of body/housing for dents, cracks, & deep scratches
  • Check device and liquid exposure indicators for evidence of water damage