Phobio’s Equality Statement

Stephen Wakeling

CEO & Co-Founder

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A message from Stephen Wakeling, CEO

We live in extraordinary times-a time when it is no longer acceptable to remain silent about topics of grave importance. Topics like equality and racism.

We founded Phobio on a bedrock of values and a foundational belief that all people are created equal and everyone should be given the opportunity to excel. This is based upon my deep personal belief that all one needs to succeed is liberty and opportunity.

Sadly, for far too many people, the deep cultural wounds in our society deprive them of liberty and restrict their opportunity. It is incumbent on all people with a voice to shout with vigor in defense for those who are not heard and to actively lift them up when we see an opportunity to do so.

Phobio is an inclusive workplace that provides opportunities for each individual regardless of gender or race. We strive to create a culture where all people feel comfortable to be themselves and do their best work. However, we can do better, and we are committed to improving this always.

With the goal of strengthening diversity and inclusivity at Phobio, we’re having serious conversations throughout the company to continually assess best practices in recruitment, training and recognition. 

We can no longer be satisfied with “inclusive”-we must now aim to be anti-racist. We will endeavor to actively push back against any actions, behaviors, or beliefs that perpetuate this deeply-entrenched aspect of our society. Together, we can provide a voice to those who feel silenced and topple the barriers that restrict liberty.

It takes a team effort to cultivate positive change. Although it may be uncomfortable at times, we believe this is an essential process that will ensure Phobio gets better every day. Our journey has just begun, but we look forward to sharing our experiences and insights very soon.  

At Phobio, we work together to make a difference, and we stand in unity to defy injustice

If you have questions about our equality statement, contact us.