Boost new device sales and brand affinity with Phobio.

Countless consumers are looking to upgrade to new devices. Attract them to your online or brick and mortar store with our OEM trade-in program!

Product Manufacturer Trade-In

As more people are transitioning to remote work, countless consumers are looking to upgrade to new devices. Draw these customers to your store with Phobio’s simple and reliable trade-in program! Not only does our manufacturer’s solution reduce your trade-in program costs, it also revolutionizes the way your customers upgrade to the latest technology. 

Delight Customers with a

Simple & Reliable Experience

Our easy-to-use IMEI search automatically identifies the user’s device make and model, making trade-ins a breeze. Even better? You can take all the credit! Whether they’re online or in-store, your customers will enjoy the top-notch, on-brand experience they’ve come to expect from your company. Ready to gain an edge on your competitors, boost new device sales and elevate the customer experience? 

Drive Sales with Cutting-Edge Features

Quick & Easy Process

Our easy-to-use IMEI search automatically identifiesthe user’s device make and model, making trade-ins a snap.

World-Class Reporting & Analytics

Our cutting-edge reporting and analytics tools offer 360-degree visibility into all transactions.

Unmatched Reliability

Built for high-volume operations, Phobio scales during the holidays, device launches and other peak times to meet all of your trade-in needs.

Superior Shipping & Tracking Tools

Customers receive convenient shipping materials and can easily keep track of devices with our user-friendly tools.

Promotional Support

Phobio puts your brand in the spotlight and sends customers flocking to your stores.

Chat Support

We offer live chat support seven days a week to improve the customer experience.

Transparent & Competitive Pricing

As the most transparent company in the industry, Phobio offers cost-effective solutions with no hidden fees.

10x Increased Trade-Ins

Phobio increased trade volume for one of the world’s largest device manufacturers.

1 Million Trade-Ins

Phobio processes nearly 1 million device trade-ins each  year.

100% In-House

Phobio’s engineering and customer experience teams are entirely in-house.

Attract More Customers with Phobio

Want to amplify new device sales, improve the customer experience and stand out from the competition? Our simple and reliable OEM trade-in program does all that and more! Contact us today to learn how.